10XCHAIN is the leading product-agnostic blockchain consultancy team: we have no bias towards any technology, we are not trying to sell a product (we don’t have any!), we create win-win partnerships with our clients. This means we won’t build unnecessary hype where there shouldn’t be any, we will tell you if blockchain is not the solution you need.

We are headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and provide our services internationally. Most of our clients are actually outside of UAE we travel on a very regular basis. Our team is a mix of the best talents from the Bitcoin and blockchain space, all having multiple years of experience working full-time on the technology. From purely technical to business and finance background, our diversity is our strength. We mostly work with major enterprise clients (banks, Big 4, and technology providers) and top consulting firms around the world; but also have quite a few startup clients.

Our team is now composed of a core of 10 consultants, with extra niche specialists available on call. We are growing but put a lot of effort in hiring only the very best.

We would love to hear how we can build a long-term partnership with your organization.

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