Ethereum is a decentralized platform that runs smart contracts on a custom built blockchain.


BigchainDB is an open source system that “starts with a big data distributed database and then adds blockchain characteristics — decentralized control, immutability and the transfer of digital assets”.

Chain Core

Chain Core is a blockchain platform for issuing and transferring financial assets on a permissioned blockchain infrastructure. Chain Core runs on the open-source Chain Protocol.


Corda is an open-source distributed ledger platform with pluggable consensus — “it supports multiple consensus providers employing different algorithms on the same network”.


Credits is a development framework for building permissioned distributed ledgers.

Domus Tower Blockchain

Domus Tower Blockchain is an interesting solution that has been designed for regulated environments such as securities trading where participants know each other and can independently decide whom to trust.

Elements Blockchain Platform

Elements is an open source, protocol-level technology for extending the functionality of Bitcoin.


Eris-db is a permissioned distributed ledger client that executes Ethereum smart contracts on a permissioned virtual machine.


HydraChain is an Ethereum extension for creating Permissioned Distributed Ledgers for private and consortium chains.

Hyperledger Fabric

Hyperledger Fabric supports the use of one or more networks, each managing different Assets, Agreements and Transactions between different sets of Member nodes.

Hyperledger Iroha

Hyperledger Iroha is a “simple and modularized” distributed ledger system with emphasis on mobile application development.

Hyperledger Sawtooth Lake

Hyperledger Sawtooth Lake is a modular blockchain suite that supports both permissioned and permissionless deployments. Transaction business logic in Hyperledger Sawtooth Lake is decoupled from the consensus layer..


Multichain is an open-source blockchain platform, based on bitcoin’s blockchain, for multi-asset financial transactions.


Openchain is an open source distributed ledger system for issuing and managing digital assets.


Quorum us an open source distributed ledger and smart contract platform based on Ethereum.


Stellar is an open-source, distributed payments infrastructure that connects banks, payments systems, and people. Stellar enables building of mobile wallets, banking tools, smart devices. It provides RESTful HTTP API servers called Horizon, which connect to Stellar Core, the backbone of the Stellar network.

Symbiont Assembly

Symbiont Assembly, inspired by Apache Kafka, is the distributed ledger that powers the Symbiont Smart Securities platform.

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