Whitepapers, Feasibility studies, Prototypes and Product Architecture

Exploratory Study or Workshops

10xchain can conduct an in-house study of the areas where blockchain could be a threat or an opportunity for your company, producing a documented report on our findings. These studies usually take around two weeks. Some businesses prefer us to take a more passive role, participating in ideation workshops to guide your teams find the right concepts.

Feasibility Study

The Feasibility Study covers technical and/or financial viability of an idea. Technical feasibilities will compare existing blockchains protocols or products to achieve a specific goal, bespoke blockchain designs can be included in the study if necessary. These studies play a major role for startups or intrapreneurs looking to raise capital, the study will be written by people very respected in the industry.

Proof of Concept & Sprints

Building a prototype or a proof of concept requires specialist knowledge to be done efficiently. The 10xchain team has years of blockchain experience, most of us being engaged in the development of the protocols themselves. If you need a product to be built quickly and to your specifications, we are the right partner to engage with. We also participate in “burst” sprints, where we would develop a proof of concept in a week for corporate clients.

Blockchain Architecture

When you decide to develop a production-ready blockchain application, you need much more than just scaling a proof-of-concept. The 10XCHAIN team has unique capabilities to help you architect secure products and guide you towards the right protocol implementation for you specific needs. This service requires serious commitment from the client, it is a very technical and advanced offering.

Theoretical Research and Whitepapers

When an idea or problem has never been solved before, our team can work on research papers to be published or used as supporting material to fund a project. These studies require deep expertise and are usually taking a few weeks of time to be completed. 10XCHAIN papers are written by recognized figures in the industry.

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